Why do women write m/m fiction? Answers for the men.

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First of all, I ought to make it clear that this is titled ‘answers for the men’ not because these answers are somehow less true than the answers for the women.  That isn’t the case.  There is just a difference in emphasis, depending on who is asking the question.

Why do women write m/m fiction? Part one – Answers for the women can be found here on the Macaronis blog.  That post was written as an answer to a piece written by a feminist writer who felt that women who write m/m fiction are bowing to the pressures of patriarchal society.  Women should want to write about women, she felt.  Writing about men, and particularly in a format that excludes a woman from the central pairing, is just a case of reinforcing society’s belief that only men are interesting and…

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  1. kitwild008
    Jan 25, 2014 @ 22:48:47

    I think this is a really fantastic blog written about the reasons why women write m/m romance. It encompasses most of the reasons why, with a nice tilt towards “because it’s love, and women adore love” which I think is the biggest reason women write m/m romance or any kind of romance really. It is argued that we as women can’t possibly understand it, so how can we write about it? What is there about love that we don’t understand? Every relationship has obstacles, ups and downs as well as one or more partners carrying possibly destructive baggage. No relationship, despite the partners involved or their sex, follow a different path. None..It’s all the same formula and to say differently puts the LGBT world isolated from what most call the “normal” and is damaging to the progress made over the years. Don’t be biased because a book your reading is written by a woman. If she’s a good writer with good intentions she will create a loving, respectful story that you will enjoy, even if you feel she doesn’t have the knowledge to create what she has. She might leave you breathless with just her understanding of human behavior regardless of the genders involved in her story.


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