My Portfolio Website

Hello all!

I promised an update once my site was up and here it is. If you are interested in reading more work from me and knowing more come visit You get a little bit more about me and some more samples of my writing. I not only write books, but enjoy writing for many different types of media.  I’m really pretty proud of it. I think it’s simple, but also maintains my flair and taste which is what I was going for.

On a different note, everyone ready for Christmas?? (Entire audience throws eggs at writer OOPS!)  I seriously have been stalked by a continually posted Facebook message that there are now only 20 Fridays, 18 Fridays etc etc until Christmas. It’s as if they want me to loose my hair and run screaming into traffic before it’s all said and done (sigh). I really do love Christmas but the stopwatch thing has got to stop! I just put my Halloween decorations up and tomorrow am looking into pumpkin purchases for carving for crying out loud. I’ve always been a late bloomer I guess. It seems to trickle into other parts of my life as well and including holiday preparedness. Well to everyone that has it together with your shopping lists done, parties planned and your holiday finalized I doff my hat to you (bow) and wish for just half of your togetherness!! I will scurry and flurry ’till the end, huffing and puffing while I try to make it look as put together as possible when the day arrives. Until next time travel to my portfolio page and take a look at my handy work.


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