Why do women write m/m fiction? Answers for the men.

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First of all, I ought to make it clear that this is titled ‘answers for the men’ not because these answers are somehow less true than the answers for the women.  That isn’t the case.  There is just a difference in emphasis, depending on who is asking the question.

Why do women write m/m fiction? Part one – Answers for the women can be found here on the Macaronis blog.  That post was written as an answer to a piece written by a feminist writer who felt that women who write m/m fiction are bowing to the pressures of patriarchal society.  Women should want to write about women, she felt.  Writing about men, and particularly in a format that excludes a woman from the central pairing, is just a case of reinforcing society’s belief that only men are interesting and…

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Secrets In The Dark

Secrets In The Dark

The normally brooding vampire’s personality has taken a turn for the worst lately. Christian’s moodiness is even annoying when he’s alone. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t get it to lift. Will a seedy night out with his best friend bring him the peace that he’s been craving so badly? The heart is a vast and deep place of secrets. Will Christians world be turned upside down once they are brought into the daylight? A place he himself can’t even go.


I L-Love You

I L-Love You

Jason’s world has become very small lately, too small, and he knows it. He’s a bundle of
anxiousness and has been since birth, he assumes. His life long stutter has driven him behind closed doors with very few interactions to speak of, and his love life has come to a screeching halt after a terrible break-up. He’s frayed and on edge when one day opportunity knocks, literally. Will he have the courage to answer?


As I read about the umpteenth article about unromantic xmas presents and the dweeb factor that is so common when Christmas time rolls around in regards to the male gift purchase for their romantic partner. I’m a bit tee’d off. My stomach jumps up into my throat a little and I find the need to go grrr.. I would just like to address a few of the gifts that seem to be on the “blacklist” for male gift giving and throw in my opinion as well. No 1: The household item, used in quite a few articles I’m reading and sneered at with disgust.

Why? Here’s a way to look at that item that might open up your eyes to really how much your signifigent other did think of you when shopping for it. Item: Blender.. while in your minds eye you might truly be sighing or crying as you open the gift lets try a little reality. Your angry upset, why this gift? Well first off, have you ever spoken to your honey about the smoothies that you buy at the local coffee shop? Or mentioned a recipe to him that u got online to make a ice cream alcohol drink and how blended strawberries would be fantastic in that? if you already have a blender, did the one that you received as a gift have more bells and whistles than the one you currently own, more modern and new? really ladies, is a blender such a horrible gift?

Alot of men are mechanical in nature,did he take into consideration that this one pulses, chops, grinds, blends and is suppose to run quieter than the one you own currently? Got a new washing machine for xmas? hello ladies! thats fantastic.. since you had to kick the old one to get it going everytime you used it? Need another reason? How about a new washing machine is expensive gift that will give you many more years of clean clothes than your old one. Here’s another one that brought out a online sneer. A gift that is more for him than you, something that centers around his interest. Here’s a clue on that one, shall you pout that your man might actually want to include you in his interests

Give you an opportunity to maybe enjoy some quality time with him while you and he does something that he loves? I think a fishing rod was used as an example in one article, isn’t it great that he wants you to go fishing with him as opposed to pecking you on the cheek and ducking out the door to spend hours and hours on the lake with his buddies, can u not take into consideration that maybe its time for you to try new things and possibly pick up another hobby. Lingerie also was mentioned. Now in what universe does a woman not like lingerie from the man she loves. It said that its more for him than her.. HOW so? Lingerie makes you sexy and provocative, did he get it in your favorite color, style?

Even if he had a moments thought that wow, she looks great in this type its a great gift. If you want something specific, and its very important that you have that as gift, for crying out ladies ASK FOR IT! Why is a gift you want any less appealing because your partner didn’t have to mind read it off of you? Here’s another one, car repairs etc. getting oil changed, pulling out a dent in your car, body work, full car work up for winter. Ladies does the fact that your partner thought of your safety while driving, the shape of the vehicle that when he kisses you goodbye spirits you to your destination? the fact that he cares that the metal box encasing his beloved should be in good shape not even make you the least bit teary eyed with gratitude? And considering this is not usually a cheap gift should also earn him a big kiss and hug.

Some of these were taken from articles I was reading, but most of these gifts I have received at one point or another from my guy and I adored each one of them. Sure ladies were all princesses at heart and wouldn’t throw back a diamond bracelet or a trip to Hawaii, but lets be realistic here, I think that the gifts that help you through your daily life and make it more comfortable and pleasurable those are the gifts that should be more appreciated than any other. Also just a side not here, if your man is just clueless when it comes to gift giving why don’t you help him out, make a list, go shopping with him, so what u know what your getting on xmas, but if your fed up with the things you’ve gotten from him at least now you know it will be a good one. And guys if your lady doesn’t appreciate your gifts even though you try so hard to please her, maybe she should get coal in her stocking this year and think on that one until Santa arrives again next year. Last note, we are women not little girls, while its tempting to slide into that role especially on xmas, all else fails u don’t get the gift you wanted, GO OUT AND GET IT YOURSELF and say Merry xmas to me!

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