It’s been a while!

Greetings and Salutations.

This author has not been heard from for quite a bit. There are changes going on around me and really I’m just trying to keep up at the moment. There’s been an experience of severe loss of center in the past year and often times with those kind of changes it is just good to sit and wait out the storm. My separation of a 17 year relationship and my wayward feet that are having trouble finding a direction at the moment will hopefully be back very soon. Perhaps I’ll be able to work out some of my inner demons and my audience will help me find the artist again. I do hope that the demons do not take over since I am a romance writer. Sigh. I’m sure I have some readers out there that can relate to my predicament and understand. Luckily for me my emotional turmoil may actually benefit my art and drive me towards putting it all down in the form of entertaining characters and some fun story lines that twist. I warn you though my new work may send you down the rabbit hole a bit but hold on because I’m falling down that hole with you! Now, I hope anyone reading my blog lately is having the day of days and really doing well. I’ll also be posting here more often as I can using this as a blog and promotional too for works now. This is just a quick note. You will know more as time goes on (wink). Have a great one!

3 Jacklynn Ray


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