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“So, let me see if I have this right. For the price of a suit you want to buy me, on a PERMANENT basis?” Steph’s insides boiled. This guy had some fucking nerve. Sam coolly stared back and resumed his position against the wall with his hands in his pockets. He might as well have been talking about the fucking weather. That infuriated Steph even more. Sam tilted and cocked his head to the side as if listening to some inner voice no one else could hear and chuckled. “Well, it is a terribly expensive suit.” (Night Vision,2014)Hello everyoneThe continuation of Steph and Sam is coming your way in about three weeks. I hope those who enjoyed their story pick up a copy and continue their fiery and unpredictable beginning with me. I’ll put an alert here once it’s available for purchase on Amazon and Kobo.

I’ve got more coming as well with the intro of another series “Secrets in the Dark” and the continuation of my original “I L-Love You” series.

Christmas is going to be a scorcher!

My Portfolio Website

Hello all!

I promised an update once my site was up and here it is. If you are interested in reading more work from me and knowing more come visit You get a little bit more about me and some more samples of my writing. I not only write books, but enjoy writing for many different types of media.  I’m really pretty proud of it. I think it’s simple, but also maintains my flair and taste which is what I was going for.

On a different note, everyone ready for Christmas?? (Entire audience throws eggs at writer OOPS!)  I seriously have been stalked by a continually posted Facebook message that there are now only 20 Fridays, 18 Fridays etc etc until Christmas. It’s as if they want me to loose my hair and run screaming into traffic before it’s all said and done (sigh). I really do love Christmas but the stopwatch thing has got to stop! I just put my Halloween decorations up and tomorrow am looking into pumpkin purchases for carving for crying out loud. I’ve always been a late bloomer I guess. It seems to trickle into other parts of my life as well and including holiday preparedness. Well to everyone that has it together with your shopping lists done, parties planned and your holiday finalized I doff my hat to you (bow) and wish for just half of your togetherness!! I will scurry and flurry ’till the end, huffing and puffing while I try to make it look as put together as possible when the day arrives. Until next time travel to my portfolio page and take a look at my handy work.

“Tricks By Night” updated cover :)

An amazing women whom said an amazing thing.

An amazing women whom said an amazing thing.

If you’re always trying to follow the crowd how do you know what you could be capable of without them? It’s sometimes difficult to be yourself and not always wildly popular, but when you aren’t the only person you’re cheating is you.


I L-Love You web site

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick note here. I am building a web page that you can come and check out once I have it up. I’ll keep you up to date on this. It will just be another great resource to check out the work I’m doing and random things that occur to me or that I like. I think it’s going to be a really fun place so keep checking back here for more information!

Tricks by Night (Available now on Smashwords, coming soon to Amazon) by Jacklynn Ray

Tricks by Night  (Available now on Smashwords, coming soon to Amazon) by Jacklynn Ray

Steph has been on his own a long time. He’s lived his life exactly how he wanted too. He isn’t concerned about what anyone thinks of him, and he’s fairly direct about that fact. The life of a male prostitute has suited him very well financially and sexually. Since his parents disowned him and left him penniless after coming out he’s vowed never to be ashamed of who or what he was ever again, and that includes his chosen profession. One night a lonely, heartbroken and unsure Sam walks onto his street and Steph is intrigued, making the man his trick and loving every minute of it highly unaware that these 15 minutes will not be easily forgettable for either of them. The universe works in strange ways throwing a prostitute and his trick back together in the world of high-class fashion. This time Sam isn’t wounded and playing around. He’s decided that Steph is what he wants and this time he’s not taking any chances. The man he wants isn’t leaving him again. Eventually, will Steph even want to?

Available on Smashwords currently: Will be available soon on Amazon as well.


Why do women write m/m fiction? Answers for the men.

Alex Beecroft's blog

First of all, I ought to make it clear that this is titled ‘answers for the men’ not because these answers are somehow less true than the answers for the women.  That isn’t the case.  There is just a difference in emphasis, depending on who is asking the question.

Why do women write m/m fiction? Part one – Answers for the women can be found here on the Macaronis blog.  That post was written as an answer to a piece written by a feminist writer who felt that women who write m/m fiction are bowing to the pressures of patriarchal society.  Women should want to write about women, she felt.  Writing about men, and particularly in a format that excludes a woman from the central pairing, is just a case of reinforcing society’s belief that only men are interesting and…

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